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I’m 5’4″ without shoes, so I’ll kiss you and put my arms around your neck while standing on my tippy toes. I have rapunzel-style strawberry-blonde hair that falls to a squeezable behind, vibrant green eyes with cinnamon flecks, prominent cheekbones, and soft, kissable lips that you’ll want to explore. Apply for Escort Jobs in Yamba, NSW.

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I was pretty active on the review boards then; it’s where I spun off into blogging. This, by the way, is not the first. This is the second or third blog I’ve had over the years; I’ve well and indeed done the sex work blog gig by now. And I built up a reputation with my words well before social media became important. Apply for Escort Jobs in Yamba, NSW.

I had My Emotions doing Escort Jobs in Yamba, NSW.

I didn’t get along with everyone, which included some workers. Especially back then, I’ve mellowed with age the passionate, outspoken and at times angry feminist that I was. Heated words happened from time to time. But I also made good friends, even mentors, and I acquired a lot of clients. Who appreciated a little grit in their sexual endeavours.

I Was Already, Unfortunately Well Aware of the Dark Side of the Internet

I was having been stalked and harassed by my abusive ex for years. I learnt quickly that the internet people could exploit to cause harm. But up until my time in sex work, I just never appreciated the size of the problem. Or just how evil people could be that you didn’t even know.

Fast Forward a Few Years, and I’m Touring in Yamba, NSW

Yet, ever since that incident, even though the sex industry is in many ways my family. It is unquestionably a dysfunctional one, and I have never been able to rely on it again totally. Communities-based groups carry out a great deal of good. And I’m thankful I can do that lawfully every time I see a customer. I occasionally feel bad for not getting involved as much as I should. Apply for Escort Jobs in Yamba, NSW.


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